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Planners/Strategists: This Is An Insight

Report: This article based on a forthcoming report looks at why being special & different is no longer just for the younger generation: The behaviours we're seeing based purely on age aren't really as indicative as other behaviours based on more psychological or emotional factors," says Segal. "Nonetheless, no-one's really come forward ...

bacon popcorn

Eating Popcorn Makes Advertising Ineffective

Study by Cologne University concludes that chewing makes advertising ineffective; The


What’s Branding by Neutron

The Brand Gap from

Digital Planning Social Networks

Digital Planning: Designing for Social Networks

#digitalplanning workshop from Johanna Beyenbach When you fail to plan, you plan to fail they say. This deck looks at digital planning for the social network world. Dig in and learn something


Digital Strategy 101 by Bud Caddell

Digital Strategy 101 is an overview of the current state of digital strategy and an exploration of core concepts, deliverables, and thought-leaders relevant to young practitioners. Digital Strategy 101 from Bud


Results: 2012 Planner Survey

The Planner Survey 2012/2013 from Heather LeFevre Results from our 2012 Planner


Behavioral Economist: Impulse vs Passion and the Reality of Changing Behavior

We're big fans of changing behavior over here at eat:Strategy and though it can be tricky and some would say impossible. It does happen from time to time. This article really delves into people, passion and how irrational we can really be as a society. Adam Smith’s actors in The Theory of Moral Sentiments are driven by an internal struggle ...

Baseball Playbook

Strategy Playbook: How To Grow Your Agency

Strategy Playbook from Ana Andjelic THE CHALLENGE Create a systemic, proactive and continuous growth that builds on the agency’s existing strengths without diluting its unique


Nurturing Great Creative Through Insights

Last week Martin Weigal, VP of Planning at W+K, was speaking about nurturing great creative. The crux of his talk was about most research being useless, which happens because we do research to backup what we already think or we're researching the wrong area to late into the creative process. However, one area he felt we could all boost was ...


How Do You Generate Deep Contextual Customer Insights?

Generating insights is not something that happens out of thin air. As much as we would love that to be the case in our profession. The team over at FutureLab has a piece saying that to develop contextual insights, one needs to be empathetic: They list six habits of highly empathic people including: Challenge prejudices and discover ...


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