Develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry

I was reading a great post over at Frog Design about HOW TO: Develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry. The process they came up with to disrupt a market…

Step 1: What Do You Want to Disrupt
Step 2: What Are the Business Clichés?
Step 3: What Are Your Disruptive Hypotheses?

However, you also need to look at:

1. What Can You Invert?
2. What Can You Deny?

The process doesn’t seem all that lengthy but it does make you answer all the important questions you should be asking yourself before you go head-to-head with an industry leader. Zipcar and Little Miss Matched are the two main examples in the article.

I had never heard of Little Miss Matched before last night but the idea was so simple but so great at the same time. This article really got me thinking about doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while… launch this conference eat:Strategy.

Then I was lucky and came across this talk from BHH Labs about Agencies making digital products should co-create with customers. Takes the Frog Design idea to where a lot of agencies are trying to go. They want to own more of the IP, which we’ve seen agencies do with a mixed bag of success over the last 5 years.


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